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As a metaphysician, I never assume anything.


What I know about Crystals, is that whoever cuts the Crystal, programs the Crystal.

It is indelible, cut into the very structure of the Crystal, and cannot be cleansed by any method.


Whatever was happening for whomever was cutting the Crystal is imprinted into the Crystal as it is cut.


If you are cutting a Crystal for abundance and were worried about money, that imprint would go into the very matrix of the Crystal

as it was being cut, likewise if you were nursing the pain of a broken heart, the imprint would go into the Crystal at the time of cutting.

If it is machine cut, it has the soul of the machine - disconnected from kinetic Source energy.


So I learnt to cut crystals, consciously.


I go into a meditative state and connect with Source and go from there.


It may seem like just words,

but anyone having the pleasure to hold and work with one of my crystals you will know exactly what I mean


I create power pieces, altar adornments and have begun to set my work in precious metals as well as the

Alchemy of the Weft and the Weave, settings woven with Intention and Coded Wisdom CLICK HERE


I create Vibration Gem Elixirs and Essences of the Crystals I make CLICK HERE


I hold guided Ceremony for you to connect with your sovereignty and Experience Wisdom CLICK HERE

Got a broken crystal or rock that needs repairing  CLICK HERE


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