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An artisan Black Obsidian sourced locally, handcut and faceted into a unique geometrcial form,


The faceting opens the frequencies locked into

the matrix of the stone to their multidimensional nature 


This form holds a vibrational state that is

Redefining the Mascline in the face of the Returning Feminine


This Microcosm is your Macrocosm

Fostering the Warrior spirit within, Strength, Honour and Integirty

supporting and integrating  the new paradigms and refined expressions of Reality

through the Neutral perspective supporting the emerging Feminine, returning the Sacred


Take the frequencies into your Body Mind and Spirit 

inhalation assimilation intergration


Exhale renewed, centred calm and strong,

embodying your truth, your power, your Light -  switched on


Botanical and Gem Vibrational Healing Elixir : CLICK HERE


To order you own Sacred Masculine cut especially for you : CLICK HERE



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