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Knowledge is a wonderful thing, however useless when without context or the understanding of how to implement and benefit from it’s content.


In a world where we are taught to look outside of the Self for answers,

we are getting second hand experience or someone else’s paradigms of how things are.

Often unclear or distorted, because those who are repeating the dogmas and concepts have had no actual experience of the hypothesis themselves, and so don’t transmit the wisdom in the telling, primarily because they have none to give…


If we are to master the moment and this incarnation, we need to go within using the Self as the reference point,

beginning a journey that will take you into the Sovereign expression of your truth, your paradigms and experience wisdom.


Experience lived becomes Wisdom.


Once you have a visceral encounter with what was previously just a bunch of words collectively thrown together to hold a concept, and this becomes grounded within you, balls to bone, it evolves your understanding of the Reality, unique and completely from you for you.


It is now something you can draw from, to be applied in all parts of your life because you lived it, you know it, it’s now yours.

Perhaps this is why Eldership is so valued, as they are speaking from a life lived, practical application and the resulting truth from within.


I connect with the Sacred Neutral, a dimension of Heart that is not polarized, it does not hold the frequency of Polarity.

Not good, not bad, nor Light or Dark - simply what IS, and from this place of consciousness, I cut crystals.


Some of these crystals are so unique, the circumstances of their creation one of a kind, making them not just rare, but unrepeatable.


In Ceremony with me, here on my land, using the power piece of your choice, (or something I cut especially for you)

I will guide you into your own adventure in consciousness, for you to have your own relationship with what IS.

In closing the ceremony, we will make a Gem Essence to continue the Alchemy, for you to fortify and integrate your experience wisdom


If this is for you, or someone you love EMAIL ME


Creating a Staff for a Journey in Consciousness

the Green Pill Ceremony

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